Will and Testament

Protect your assets, your family and your children while avoiding potential family troubles and lengthy and costly legal proceedings in the event of your death.

Mandate of incapacity

No one can be shielded from the effects of aging, accidents or degenerative diseases. Do not leave anything to chance! Protect yourself!


What to do in the event of a death? Consult your notary who will guide you through this difficult process.


A beautiful compromise between a marriage at the Courthouse and a religious marriage. Plan a custom-made marriage in your image with your notary.

Notary Gabriel, Your Notary at Home

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of a cure! Take control of your life and the unexpected. Do not wait for an inevitable event before taking care of your notarized documents. Consult your notary for a better peace of mind.

You don‘t have the time to come by the notary’s office?

No problem, your notary can come to your home or your office!


Notary Gabriel provides you a professional service and with legal counsel in a warm atmosphere using clear language, while respecting your time and your needs and meeting your expectations.


We are professionals in notarial law whose fields of practice concentrate exclusively around family law, human rights, succession regulations and various legal aspects surrounding the crucial events of your life!


Feel at ease to discuss those things that are dear to your heart, in the comfort of your home or in an environment that you feel most relaxed in. A notary, yes. But with a more personal touch and while respecting your schedule.


Because you love them, don’t leave your loved ones into a legal labyrinth. Take control of your life and the unexpected! Consult your notary for a better peace of mind.


The trust that our clients grant us and the satisfaction that they have always expressed is our best publicity.


“We are very proud of this and we are committed to continue providing our quality service! ”


Do We Need the New Testament?

Learn More

Do we need the Old Testament? That's a familiar question, often asked. But as an Old Testament scholar, John Goldingay turns that question on its head: Do we need the New Testament?

What's new about the New Testament? After all, the Old Testament was the only Bible Jesus and the disciples knew. Jesus affirmed it as the Word of God. Do we need anything more? And what happens when we begin to look at the Old Testament, which is the First Testament, not as a deficient old work in need of a christological makeover, but as a rich and splendid revelation of God's faithfulness to Israel and the world?

In this cheerfully provocative yet probingly serious book, John Goldingay sets the question and views it from a variety of angles. Under his expert hand, each facet unfolds the surprising richness of the Old Testament and challenges us to recalibrate our perspective on it.

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